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School Meals

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The price of a school meal is £2.70 which covers the cost of a main meal and, either, a dessert or a soft drink. Water is always freely available.  From June 2022 we have moved to a biometric cashless meal service.  The new system is a more secure service which enables parents/carers to monitor what their child is eating.  The system uses the latest biometric technology and scans a thumb/finger at the till, which then debit’s the pupil’s account.

Parents/Carers can add money onto their child’s account using Parent Pay.  It will be possible to allocate money to enable purchases for both tuck and for lunchtime; there will be a maximum spend per day.

Recently introduced legislation requires an ‘opt in’ arrangement for this system and the completion of a form.  If a parent/carer chooses not to register their child on the system, they can be issued with a pin number to be used at the till, via a numeric pin pad.


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