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Fairlands Middle School is a special place for pupils to learn and grow

Welcome to Fairlands Middle School!

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to our fabulous school. Thank you for your interest, whether you have children here already or if your son or daughter will be starting at Fairlands Middle School in the future.
You will notice at the top of this page we aim to be “caring and inspirational” to enable the children to reach their full potential.

Why us?

The Fairlands curriculum reflects our passion that every child should feel a sense of inclusion whilst in their school and their wider communities. Our pupils should all leave with an awareness of their world around them. Our curriculum aims to inspire pupils through developing the knowledge, understanding the concepts and acquiring the skills that will best equip them in fulfilling their aspirations.

Through our broad and balanced curriculum offer, pupils will develop the communication skills and self-confidence to manage the challenges that lie ahead of them.

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