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The poem contest about the Olympics 2012 in London.

One of my pupils from the 8th year group has written a poem. It is both in Russian and in English. It’s better to say, it was originally written in Russian and then she tried to translate it into English. If it is still possible we would like to take part in the poetic contest about the Olympics 2012.

The photo of the author.

Ода олимпиаде.


Олимпиада в Лондоне грядёт
Мы знаем, что Россия нас не подведёт.
Мы ждем медалей золотых
И ждем побед – пусть непростых.

Четыре года пролетели,
Спортсмены наши повзрослели.
К победе путь простым не будет,
Никто участие не забудет.

Много спортсменов у нас есть,
Заслуг, которых и не счесть.
Легендой стали имена –
Ботвинник, Бубка, Вы – звезда!

Олимпиада будет летней
И это радует меня.
Увлечена я летним спортом,
Слежу за этим часто я.

Я знаю многих футболистов.
Аршавин, Бекхэм и Лэмпард
Успехам вашим
Каждый рад.

Построено объектов много,
И проверяют их все строго.
За стройкой века все следят,
Ударить в грязь лицом не хотят.

2012 – не за горами
И скоро убедитесь в этом сами,
Когда на месте пустыря
Пройдет великая игра.

Я всем удачи пожелаю.
Пусть самый лучший победит!
И поражение, я знаю,
Для будущих побед Вас закалит!
Виктория Шипитько (8 класс)
МБОУ гимназия №108
The Ode to the Olympics 2012

The Olympics 2012 is starting in Londonю
Russia is certainly to participate.
We’re looking forward for Gold medals
And Great Victories that are not easy to achieve.

Four years have passed – it’s seems so quickly!
The athletes have been training so much.
The way to Victories – is really a difficult path,
No one is going to forget his part.

Russia is rich in different talents,
Who can be proud of a lot!
Their names have become its Great Legends:
Botvinik, Bubka – you are the Super Stars!
Summer Olympics 2012 is starting in London
And I am greatly impressed with this fact,
As I ‘m keen on the athletics
I often watch it on TV and do it myself.

I am also interested in football.
Arshavin, Beckham, and Lampard –
Everyone is greatly impressed with
Your brilliant playing and results!

A lot of Sporting objects of the Olympics
Are all waiting for the competitions to start!
They are being checked attentively and strictly –
The Olympics- is the Great Epoch Construction Mark!

I wish success and victories to every athlete!
Let it the strongest fairly to win.
And those who will fail – not to be upset:
Let the defeats to help your Victories in future to achieve!

Written by Victorija Shipitko (8th year group)
School №108

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