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The Russian Character Tournament

(The Day of Military Glory – Pulling Up Competition)
Different sport tournaments usually take place on this special day in Russia to commemorate the victory of a noble Russian Prince Alexander Nevskiy and his men at Choudskoye Lake on April 18th in the XIII century. The Russians pay tribute to the Russian History and by holding this tournament we set forward the following tasks:
– To attract attention to the country history
– To avoid indifference to the Russian routs
– To pay tribute to all the participants of different Military Events
– To develop Patriotic Spirit of our students
– To rehears for the Army Service
– To renew and develop yard spots and games
– To propagandize regular doing sports and taking exercise
– To develop the spirit of sportsmanship, the glory of sport
– To improve PE education at schools
Tournament Description
1. Time of the Pulling Up tournament 11a.m. – 5 p.m. The event lasts for 6 hours with an hour break.
2. The students can do the pulling up in any way: with swinging, with a jerk, or in an individual way, but without touching the land with feet. The pupils start doing the exercise with absolutely straight arms and finish it by touching the upper line of the bar with their chin. The referee counts every point with a whistle. Towels, talc, and other rags can be used by the participants to wipe the bar.
3. Different year groups or classes compete with each other. The winner is the class that gets the most points.
4. The peculiarity of the pulling up tournament is that everyone including teachers in a definite year group can take part no matter how strong or trained he is.
5. To equalize different physical abilities of the participants – there is such a necessity: each participant both a child and a teacher can make as many attempts in pulling up as possible during the valid time making his mind the time and the number of attempts doing.
6. There are 5 Nominations: “The strongest and the most active Year Group”, “The strongest young Man” – One Attempt, “The Strongest Pupil” – Summing Result, “The strongest young Lady” – One Attempt, “The Strongest Year Group” – Summing Result
We invite your school to hold the same competition and compare the results with ours.
Below you can see our results:
Our Results
1 Nomination “The strongest and the most active Year Group”
Year Groups
1 place 10 “A” year group 504 points (pullings up)
2 place 9”A” year group 452 points
3 place 8 “G year group 330 points
2 Nomination “The strongest young Man” – One Attempt Absolute Result
1 place 8 “G “year group 54 points (pullings up) Ismailov Aser
2 place 10”B” year group 51 points Kouziakin Alex
3 place 9“A” year group 49 points Hushakov Vasiliy
3 Nomination “The Strongest Pupil” – Summing Result
Place Year Group Total Name
1 place 9 “B” 200 Saveliev Nikita
2 place 10 “B” 186 Kouziakin Alex
3 place 8 “G “ 170 Ismailov Aser
4 place 4” A” 162 Sosnin Vitalij
5 – 6 place 9 “A” 150 Manerov Alex
5- 6 place 9 “A” 150 Koushenko Dmitriy
7 8 “V” 128 Lezhnina Dasha (femail)
8 7”A” 118 Martishenko Ilija
9 10”A” 112 Shadrin Andrei
10 10”A” 100 Visnapu Alex
4 Nomination “The strongest young Lady” – One Attempt
1-11 year groups
1 place 8 “V “year group 31 points (pullings up) Lezhnina Dasha
2 place 9”V” year group 20 points Zhouravlieva Oksana
3 place 4“G” year group 8 points Vlasova Olga
5 Nomination “The Strongest Year Group” – Summing Result
The3rd year group
1 place 3 “B “ 123
2 place 3”V” 98
3 place 3“A” 77
4 place 3”D” 68
The 4th year group
1 place 4 “A “ 249
2 place 4”D” 66
3 place 4“B” 64
4 place 4”G” 42
The 5th year group
1 place 5 “B “ 130
2 place 5”A” 88
3 place 5“B” 84
4 place 5”G” 31
The 6th year group
1 place 6 “A “ 109
2 place 6”B” 100

This is the video about The Russian Character Tournament:


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