Oct 08

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Students from European and Asian countries teaching pupils from school 108

On 5th May students from the universities of Spain, Check, and Italy visited our school and got acquainted with its pupils. It was one of the events within the XXII International Festival ‘’Spring F.R. E.S.H.2012’’ and “BEST Convent” – The International Students’ Teaching Organization in the Urals Federal University.
Foreign students could see the “future” of our country – its pupils and tell them about the countries they had come from and about themselves. The language of communication was – English. Both teachers and pupils from our school had special preparations beforehand: made questions, organized an excursion around the school to tell about its history, its outstanding leavers including Ivan Ukhov and other sportsmen.
Such meetings with students from different countries are aimed to encourage pupils to enter the Highest Schools to continue their further education and to take part in different exchange programs.

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