Oct 08

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Olympic Games School 108

We are going to hold our own school Olympic Games on May 10 – 15th.
All the pupils of the school will participate in the sport event. Classification is carried taking into account the best ten results.

The Program of the Olympic Games:
1. The Opening Ceremony
2.Pulling up Competitions
3. Athletics
–boys100 metre race / girls 100 meter race
— 200 metre race (boys and girls)
–400 metre race (boys and girls)
–1000 metre race (boys and girls)
3. Long jump (boys and girls)
4. Press measure during one minute
5. — boys 4*100 relay race / girls 4*100 relay race
–boys 4*400 relay race / girls 4*400 relay race
6. Pulling on arms (boys and girls)
7. Football (boys teams)
8. The Closing Ceremony
We invite other schools involved into the project The World Olympic Dreams to take part in the Olympics. They can hold the same Olympic Disciplines and then we can compare our total results. After the Olympics we are going to send our Results and photos.

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