Feb 13

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Tanzen und Singen



Day 4-Donnerstag

First lesson to-day was English with Frau Jung with Die Wolfchen. They started the lesson by playing a game called “OOPS”. They had to count to 100 and when they said numbers “5” or “0” in, they had to say “OOPS”. Then followed the usual questions about the day and the weather.

Pupils were learning about the USA and they looked at some pictures of LA. Teacher showed pupils some flashcards of beach vocabulary and they practised pronunciation. Pupils played “What’s missing?”. Pupils took it in turns to come to the board to remove one of the flashcards, while the rest of the pupils closed their eyes. They played a game called “Beat the teacher”. Pupils had to repeat the vocabulary when the teacher pointed to the card. Teacher tried to trick the pupils into saying the wrong word. If the pupils said the wrong word, when the teacher pointed to the word, the teacher received a point. Pupils then copied vocabulary off the board. Can you work out what these words mean?

Strandtuch, Sonnenhut, Badeanzug, Badehose, Windvogel, Sonnenbrille, Wasserball.

Pupils then cut out their pictures of the vocabulary.

After break the head teacher Claudia took two classes for a dance class which was fantastic. All the children danced and sang to all sorts of music, Spanish, German, Turkish and English. There was a lot of enthusiasm in this class. I recorded some videos which I will share when I get back to school.


Frau Jung’s class helped me record some German role-plays to finish off the day which they got very excited about!


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