Feb 10

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Willkommen Frau Aynsley….


Ich und Lea studieren…….



Day 1-Montag-I spent the day with Frau Jung’s class who are called Die Bären and are aged 10. They will be 11 when they leave in the summer to go to their next school.


Frau Jung writes the timetable of the day on the board:



Singen im Lichthof-9.15am





School ends for some pupils at 1.15. Pupils who have to stay at school as their parents are working have lunch, followed by homework and various fun activities/clubs. They go home at 4pm.

At the beginning of the week Frau Jung tells the pupils what jobs they have to do this week(Amterplan) e.g collecting the milk/fetching the class key/watering the plants/cleaning the classroom/handing out books/setting the classroom date….

Kreis-Circle time-pupils say what they did at the weekend. Pupils pass a bear around the circle. Pupils have a special table and benches to sit around.

After pupils do a short dictation which welcomes both myself and a new pupil. Frau Jung dictates a short paragraph to the pupils. One pupil writes the dictation on the board.

Deutsch-Pupils have to do some sentences with the Accusative object.

Teacher sets a Home work task for the week-pupils have to read a text and answer the questions.

All the classes meet in the Lichthof(atrium)to welcome me with German and English songs. There are some English songs which I have never heard-“I love the flowers”. We also sing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”in French/Turkish and German. Why in Turkish you may be asking? There are a lot of Turkish people living in this part of Germany.


First break is after this and pupils eat breakfast.


Can you see what game they are playing? Top trumps

Mathe-Frau Jung dictates sums which pupils have to work out.



After Maths they play a game-My right right seat is free….come to me. Pupils have to swap places. It seems to me that this is a good getting to know you game.

Sport-There is no sports hall at the school so the pupils catch a bus to the local sports centre where they play games for an hour.


This game was like Dodgeball.


Lots of pupils were wearing famous football shirts like Bayern München and Dortmund. A famous football team in this area is FC Schalke 04 from a town called Gelsenkirchen.


Frau Jung with some of the girls in her class. I learnt a new game today which is called “Feuer, Wasser, Blitz”. Pupils run around until the teacher shouts out “Fire, Water or Lightening”.If the teacher shouts out Fire pupils have to run to a corner in the hall. If the teacher shouts water pupils have to stand or touch something blue and if the teacher shouts lightening, then the pupil has to curl up into a ball. The pupils had some extra ones which were Sonne (sun) which the pupils laid down on the floor like they were sun bathing and Kaugummi(chewing gum) where pupils pretended to be stuck to the wall or the floor. It certainly looked like a lot of fun! Viel Spaβ!

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