Oct 08

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The Ball “We are the 1812 children”

On 23rd of March 2012 at school №108 there was held the Ball devoted to the Patriotic War of the 1812.
The action of the Ball, according to the script, took place in 1827 and “the friends recollect the former days”. This is the place where the legendary historic figure Denis Daviydov meets Alexander Pushkin, an outstanding Russian poet. One could enjoy the music by Alexander Aliabyev, the intelligent officer and a partisan, the poems written by the participants of the war, the romances by Denis Daviydov. The pupils and their teachers were wearing the dresses and hairdos of that epoch. They were dancing the French cadre, polonaise, waltz, and mazurka. All the action was full of patriotic feelings, notes of lyricism, and romance. The participants of the Ball (both teachers of History from the schools of Yekaterinburg, parents, representatives of the City Authorities) got really impressed and inspired with this event.

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