Oct 08

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The Second Assembly (7-8-9 classes)

Well: The first country to take the flame from the hands of a Greek Athlete in the Second Assembly is the 5th sunny continent. It is Australia. Welcome.
7A form 1.

Thanks Australia. Unfortunately, we have to leave. Luckily our misfortune is cured by Bright Sunshine, Blue Sky, and Light Breeze from the banks of the Rein. Germany meets the Sacred Olympic Flame.
7? form 2.

Thank you, Germany. This time Germany gives its turn to GB.
How wonderful! The Olympic Torch has relayed all the Britain and now at Trafalgar Square it is going to be given hand in hand from English Team to another team representing this Great Power.
8? form 3.

Thank you GB. Now, Attention please! We are crossing the border of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country of Ancient History itself, Ancient ruins and the most beautiful parks.
8? 4.

We are at the borders of one of the largest European countries & one of the most attractive, the country which lies on the border of Europe and Asia, the country of unique customs and traditions, architectural landmarks, countryside, and of nice hospitable people. It is a country of changeable seasons, winter and snow. Cold weather makes you feel vigorous and let you dress up and show off. Meet Russia!!!!

8? form 5.

Wau! It was fantastic! But what? What is it? Do you hear?
Big Ben is striking! Time is going as fast as our Greek Athlete is running. Now it is English turn to start a race.
And we go on…
France! Wonderful! Mysterious! IT attracts millions of holidaymakers.
The Eifel Tower – a symbol of Pride and Honor – looks even more fascinating in the reflection of the Sacred Olympic Flame.
9? form 6.

Thank you France! We are going further.
This time we are going to visit a country of mysterious potential. This country is beyond explanation. It is magic. And its people are admirable and enthusiastic. Sport. Culture. Science. They are a great success in everything. Meet China.
9A form 7.

Oh Sport! You are World Peace! The Sacred Flame, don’t stop burning!
The Olympiad will choose the most ambitious and desiring athletes whose ambitions are to do better than anyone else and the desire to achieve it.
Good Luck to all the participants of the 2012 Olympic Games in London!
“Citius! Altius!Fortius!” (Faster! Higher! Stronger!)
Good Luck to all the participants of the today’s Assemblies!
Written by Taskayeva Natalia

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