Nov 14

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Notre exposition…

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  1. Bioudi manar

    Hello Ava How are you?How d’idée you spend wieek ?

    Manar corespondante french Vernon

    1. Sarah Boyes

      I am fine thanks. I have had a very good week. We are sending you Christmas cards soon. Ava.

  2. Elvire Jaumet

    Hello Aimée!

    Happy new years 2014 !
    Goodbye !

  3. Elvire Jaumet

    Hello Aimée!

    Happy new years 2014 !

    1. Sarah Boyes

      Happy New Year.What is your favourite subject?Do you have any pets? Have you got any brothers or sisters? I am looking forward to seeing you in June. xx

  4. Clément

    Hello George how are you me verry good and you ?

    1. Sarah Boyes

      Are you going on holday at Easter? I am going to France. I used to live in France.

  5. manar

    Hello !!!!!

    hello Ava emery my a liKE ,Violetta et to


    1. Sarah Boyes

      My favourite colour is blue. I am looking forward to seeing you in June.Ava.x

  6. Dean

    Hello how are you? I like Cheddar,c’est beau

    1. Sarah Boyes

      We are just reading about Vernon. We have received the posters that you sent us. How are you? What are you doing in the Easter holidays? Joel

    2. Sarah Boyes

      Bonjour Dean-I will be seeing you soon at the beginning of June. I am looking forward to it. Dean.

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